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Advanced Botulinum Toxin 

1 day CPD Accredited Course -  £1000 inc VAT 

Our Advanced Botulinum Toxin Course is designed to extend your existing knowledge of botulinum toxin treatments and to take your skills to the next level. These advanced treatments include Bunny Lines, Nasal Flaring, Nose Tip Lift, Gummy Smile, Neck Lift, Jowl Reduction, Masseter (facial slimming), Hyperhidrosis, Pebbly Chin, Downturned Mouth and Lip Flip. This course will enable you to perform each treatment in a professional, safe and hygienic manner along with knowledge and experience in carrying out a thorough client consultation. 

This is a 1 – 1 course with 1 in clinic day which includes a theory session, live demonstrations models and student models. Learning material is also included in the form of online training technique videos and our comprehensive Advanced Botulinum Toxin manual.

This course includes exclusive access to our independent Nurse Prescriber for product access. 

Course Entry Requirements: 

This course is suitable for students who have completed a Basic Botulinum Toxin Course and can obtain suitable insurance. If you are confident in administering basic technique Botulinum Toxin treatments, then this is the course to help you develop your skills and offer advanced treatments to your clients.   

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We will provide 1 in house clinic day for Advanced Botulinum Toxin which includes in depth theory,  live demonstrations and live models for your practical sessions. Students will be very carefully observed and guided to ensure that they are confident enough to go and work on their own or as part of a professional Aesthetics Clinic..


The course includes an  in-depth full training day of Anatomy, Physiology and Theory to help students understand the complete science behind the human anatomy and to help further develop their overall knowledge to give clients the best and safest possible treatment. 


Knowledge is power ... by gaining an in-depth understanding of the treatments itself, the science behind it and what's available for you to use on the market you can create a completely bespoke treatment, giving your client the best possible experience and results.


On your in clinic days you will learn the treatment protocols and procedures and how to incorporate all elements you’ve learnt into one flawless treatment for your clients when leaving the academy. 


Treatment technique is key to creating the best results for your clients. This includes factors such as; product types, needle depths and techniques. On your in clinic academy days you will observe live tutor led demonstrations before you get the chance to perform the treatment on your live models. 


Each treatment comes with its own complications and contraindications. You will learn how your treatment could affect your clients and how to manage complications effectively in the event they do arise. 

You will be given access to our independent Nurse Prescriber for product access. 


Learning how to carry out a client consultation is one of the most important parts of the treatment process. Learn how to really hear and understand what the client is hoping to achieve from the procedure, manage client exceptions and concerns. 


You will learn everything you’ll need to know in order to follow the laws, regulations, guidelines and health and safety procedures of your sector.


Once your training has finished with academy we are always on hand to help and support you ! if you need to get in touch at any time we will do our upmost to provide you with any help, tips or feedback you may need. 

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